Where do I start with men’s body care? Hint: it all begins with the fragrance.<br />

Men’s body care: Easier than you think.

Body care doesn’t have to be super complex: all you need is the right fragrance, a good routine and a few skin-loving ingredients. But how do you find your signature scent? Which products do you use when? How do you even get a routine started in the first place? We’re breaking down some of your most frequently asked questions – and showing off a few essentials from our men’s body care collection – right here, right now.

Which should I choose first: fragrance, ingredient or product type?

Any of these options are fine, but it depends on whether you’re starting a routine from scratch or just switching up a step or two.

If you’re building an entirely new collection, we like starting with the fragrance. Trying a few options is the best way to decide which scents you love, so you can build your routine from there. (Hint, hint: everyone loves a matching fragrance set.)

On the other hand, if you’re targeting a specific skincare issue (dryness, we’re looking at you), starting with the product or ingredient type is usually the best route. We like body lotions and moisturizing body washes especially for this; they’re easy ways to keep your skin hydrated and balanced without adding a ton of extra time to your morning routine.

Which men’s fragrance is best?

They’re all fantastic, but you’ll probably lean toward specific scent profiles. Guys who like bold, fresh and modern fragrances will love Graphite; this blend of sage, bergamot spice and leather feels both timeless and on trend. The mariner of the group will definitely want to dive into Ocean, a blue cypress and vetiver fragrance for men who’d rather be at the coast than anywhere else. We also love Bourbon for anyone who’s into cozy, warm cocktails; it’s a blend of dark amber, white pepper and Kentucky oak that goes perfectly with a generous pour. And we didn’t forget about the guys who love woodsy scents, athletic-inspired blends or anything else – we have a fragrance for every guy, everywhere.

What are the essential body care products for men?

It all starts with a cleanser, a moisturizer and a finishing fragrance. Our 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash is fabulous for a quick, convenient clean, but if your skin is drier than most – or if it’s winter and you need a little TLC – a moisturizing body wash is the way to go. This lotion-like cleanser is clinically tested to moisturize after just one shower, which makes hydration so easy.

You’ll also want either a body lotion or body cream to lock in that hydration – it all depends on how dry your skin feels – and a deodorizing body spray or cologne to tie it all together. We’re also into shave gels and aftershave balms for super-close (and super-refreshing) shaves, if you’re trimming away a little facial hair.

What ingredients should be in my men’s body care?

Always check for skin-loving components, like:

  • Super-nutritious coconut oil...it can keep your skin glowing and hydrated.
  • Fluffy and moisturizing shea butter...it’s full of vitamins that help smooth dry or cracked skin.
  • Supremely softening vitamin E...it helps keep your skin protected and soft.
  • Creamy and rich cocoa butter...it’s not for eating, but it can soften, firm and smooth skin.
  • Light, soothing aloe...it has some anti-inflammatory properties (bye, bye sunburn) and can be anti-aging.
  • Skin-protecting witch hazel...it can reduce skin irritation and improve skin tone.
  • And, of course, great fragrance!
Is a body care routine for men actually important?

Of course! Clean, healthy skin is something everyone needs, and you truly don’t need a 17-step process to get there. You can easily reap the benefits just by adding a few goodies to your morning, like a good body cream or body oil, and tacking on a scrub or balm every few days. As long as you’re using high-quality products – and using them consistently – you’ll feel (and smell) great.

Is there an easy-to-follow men’s body care guide?

Definitely. You can easily skip or swap these steps to fit your routine (and your skin’s needs), but this is an ideal place to start.

  • Exfoliate: Start with a body scrub that buffs away dead skin, lifts dirt from your pores and leaves your skin feeling fresh. You don’t have to do this daily, but it’s a great primer for the rest of your routine...and we’re obsessed with the aromatherapy essential oil blends.
  • Cleanse: We love the 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash for this; it keeps your skin and hair fresh, clean and smelling so great. Plus, it eliminates an extra product, so you can say goodbye to that crowded shower shelf.
  • Moisturize: Right after you hop out of the shower, lock in the hydration with a super-smooth body lotion or extra-soft body cream.
  • Shave: We recommend picking up a matching shave gel and light-weight aftershave balm if a smooth face is your thing.
  • Spray: A few spritzes of deodorizing body spray can help you stay fresh all day, especially if you’re headed to the gym. You can even layer it with a matching cologne for a powerful, all-day fragrance.
  • Do a little extra: Stash a hand cream in your work bag to prevent dry digits. De-stress with body and massage oils in the best aromatherapy blends. And grab travel-size everything so you can take your routine with you from vacation to business trip. It’s never a bad thing to add an extra step here and there...especially when the steps are this good.

Ready to gather all the ingredients for a perfect routine? Shop men’s body care ASAP.