Sandalwood Fragrance


Sandalwood may be a slow-growing tree, but it’s an absolute fragrance goldmine. Native to areas like China and India, this ancient plant (known as Santalum) is beloved for its warm, vibrant, and complex character – plus, it’s at the center of some of our favorite blends (think Japanese Cherry Blossom, Magic in the Air and In the Stars). Why are we obsessed? Join us for a stroll through the forest to find out.

It’s liquid gold. Almost literally. Not only does its distillation process create a rich, fragrant, deep-gold liquid, but the pure sandalwood oil is highly coveted and extremely expensive. Talk about a 24-karat tree.

It takes its time. Sandalwood trees need at least 15-20 years of growing time before the fragrant oil can be extracted. They can take 60-80 years to fully mature – which makes harvesting the oil one of the most time-consuming productions (but so worth it).

It has divine history. Used by many cultures over the years, sandalwood has been carved into sculptures and jewelry, ground into powder for religious ceremonies and burned to promote a connection between the mind and spirit. And with that, the scent’s been a cornerstone all over the globe ever since.

It’s a complex fragrance. While it’s generally considered warm, woodsy and a little sweet, sandalwood’s scent profile perfectly harmonizes with other notes, making it both distinctive and versatile. Maybe that’s why...

It loves to pair up. Creamy vanilla sweetens the woodsy aroma of sandalwood, like in one of our all-time fave fragrances, Magic in the Air. Our iconic Japanese Cherry Blossom, and other florals like rose and jasmine, take the scent straight into spring. Plus, this woodsy babe adds the perfect amount of glowing warmth to a more wintery blend, like In the Stars. The combinations are absolutely limitless (and we love that).

It’s always in season. Clearly, sandalwood works well with other fragrances, which explains why it’s been used for so many centuries across the globe. Winter, spring, summer and fall, this woodsy scent is sophisticated and timeless – making it an all-season-long, always on-trend babe.

It promotes clarity. Looking to spend a quiet night in? Sandalwood is perfect for calming down, promoting feelings of inner strength and taking an evening for yourself. Break out some aromatherapy goodies, light a candle - you’ll thank yourself later.

It’s everywhere. Yes! Sandalwood is basically in everything. Find it décor, body care and skincare products, candles and air fresheners (think our Wallflowers), and as an essential oil in aromatherapy.

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